Infinity Nokia Best Dongle Setup V2.02 Full Installer Download

Infinity Nokia Best Dongle Setup V2.02 download, nokia flash software for usb directly for free without waiting longer. This is the latest version firmware setup available i.e V2.02. It is tested as well as good and working software setup. This Nokia mobile phone announced in 2009 comes in the BB5 group. Other groups are DCT3, WD2 and DCT4. It contains mcu, ppm and cnt files to successfully flash it. The mcu is the main software setup file, the ppm is for language and the cnt is content package and contains wallpapers, games, logos, etc. The mcu in most models ends with mcusw, the ppm ends with an alphabet while the cnt has the words ucp, nai or image in it. To select files, its better to use ini file settings, so that it locates all the files automatically. This file has English, Hindi and other local Indian languages.

Infinity Nokia Best Dongle Setup V2.02 Full Installer Download

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.02
infinity best dongle latest setup

- USB Flashing improved 
MTKx: FlashEngine updated
MTKx: New models supported 
RM-1124 (Nokia 108 CN)
RM-1125 (Nokia 220 CN) - under test
RM-1126 (Nokia 225 CN)
RM-1122 (Nokia 130 CN) - under test 
RM-1110 (Nokia 215) - under test 
RM-1111 (Nokia 215) - under test 
RM-1112 (Nokia 215) - under test 
MTKx: FlashUpdate package updated to latest version
Lumia Wp8x: USB Boot Repair improved for several V2 "Sahara" models

- UserData operations improved
MTKx: Forensic is ON
Allow extract phonebook from any phone state: dead, damaged etc.
Any "Stuck" , "Hang on logo" and other cases also supported.
It IS NOT possible to restore contacts after FS format and/or Settings Reset
LOW chance to restore contacts after Delete from menu (it depends on phone usage time and many other factors)
Note: Do not try to use this feature for NON-NOKIA phones, it will give zero result. Data in Nokia MTK phones are encrypted.
Supported Models: 
RM-944, RM-945 (Nokia 108)
RM-969, RM-970, RM-971 (Nokia 220)
RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 (Nokia 225)
RM-1035, RM-1036, RM-1037 (Nokia 130)
XG213: Forensic mode improved. Data accuracy improved. 

- Service operations improved
WP8x: WP81 Test-Mode Init
Latest WP8 phones uses special packages, which allow to enter in Test- Mode.
Useful for HW testing and checking, when phone can not power on or not work in Normal-Mode.
Test Mode can be run from Alive and Dead modes as well
Test Mode require WIM images, every model uses own images. Manager for them will follow
WP8x: Service mode support improved for WP81. All features, including RPL operations, are supported
WP8x: Fixed "Normal Mode" connection on some phones
MTKx: Test support for RM-1110, RM-1111, RM-1112: Format FS, Read Info, SelfTest

- NaviManager 
NaviManager Database updated
All latest WP8, Asha, MTKx firmware included
Lumia WP8 DENIM Release included for most WP8 models
New products supported: 
RM-1031: MS Lumia 532[DS] (WP8x)
RM-1032: MS Lumia 532[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1034: MS Lumia 532[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1068: MS Lumia 435[DS LTA] (WP8x)
RM-1069: MS Lumia 435[DS] (WP8x) 
RM-1070: MS Lumia 435[SS LTA] (WP8x)
RM-1071: MS Lumia 435[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1110: Nokia 215[DS] (MTKx)
RM-1111: Nokia 215[SS] (MTKx)
RM-1125: Nokia 220[CN] (MTKx)
RM-1126: Nokia 225[CN] (MTKx)

Navi Models Count: 467 - All existing Nokia/MS Lumia Firmwares inside

- Other 
- Ini updated and revised 
- Ancient UFS bug fixes (BB5 flash/service)
- Some BugFixes and changes
infinity best dongle latest setup Download


Disclaimer: Although we always try to give the best and working flash files and firmwares, we do not guarantee the compatibility or accuracy of any of the files. So use them at your own risk!

Caution: Flashing and formatting of cell phone deleted all data like images, ringtones, music, contact numbers, etc. So it is important to take a backup of the data before flashing. Always use an upper or the same version while flashing BB5 mobile phones. Also keep in mind that downgrading the firmware version can create problems. So its better to use the same version or a later version.

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